Andarta is a cultural and artistic society. 
It is open to all who share a common interest in the 
Drôme region and the Voconces country, from the 
Vercors to Mont Ventoux, in the South-East of France. 
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Amongst friends or family, come and discover the Drome region, a hidden gem in the South of France. With David, the travelling bard and storyteller...
Once upon a time, in a secret part of France,
lay a charming little village, so welcoming and authentic.
Its history is very ancient, and its walls hold many beguiling secrets.
Close to the village, one can find a deep gorge, watched over by silent giants.
A venerable chestnut tree stands at the other end. Would you believe, 
this most senior tree of the Drôme forests, once looked down on passing knights in shining armour! And, high above, just under towering cliffs, curiosity can lead you to a large rock shelter:
A forgotten sanctuary, hiding mysterious prehistoric paintings...”
This is how the story begins.
A story that will bring you to discover the Drôme region, one of the best
kept secrets in France! A beautiful, remote and enchanting land: covered with closely
knit mountains, a maze of valleys and narrow passes, opening into wide basins,
where sunny Mediterranean weather shines on lavender fields, vineyards, charming villages, and crystal clear rivers. A territory still untouched by mass tourism, where nature is wild and unspoiled, an area that is yours to explore! Know more
The Drôme, staged by David...
You will find no better than a storyteller, to unravel local secrets and traditions.
 David’s French father and Irish mother endowed him with both cultures. Speaking
fluently in French or in English, his stories will enhance every step  and visit in the area.
David, the travelling bard, offers a different approach than your conventional tours and guides. His storytelling visits are an enchanting experience for an enchanting region!
His relaxed and joyful outings, limited to very small groups, combine cultural visits,
outdoor activities, arts and crafts workshops, and the tasting of local food and wine. 
Know more
Storytelling visits and outings
David is a modern day bard, drawing his vast knowledge from local history and traditions. 
A gifted orator, his stories are shared through the spoken word, therefore adding life, drama, and romance 
to your visits. In his friendly company you will marvel at the natural and human patrimony 
of a distinctive part of France, filling the young and the old with wonder.
Full day or half day outings include visits or activities related to David’s stories.
An outstanding natural site, a historical building, a traditional wine cellar, or a hill top village, 
all turn into the storyteller’s stage. The audience’s experience is brought to a whole new level of awareness 
and sensations, on the very sites connected with the stories!
The storytelling visits and outings are limited to 8 people.
When we told you our region was pretty wild and untouched by mass tourism, we weren’t joking! 
As a result, our road network, and the access to most of our sites, are not suited to large buses 
and crowds of visitors. The same applies to the number and capacity in beds and restaurants. 
But we surely make up for it in terms of hospitality and quality!
Transport to and from the sites is done by car-sharing.
The Drôme Valley is a national reference in terms of sustainable development.
It has been awarded with the label “Biovallée®”, promoting its traditional organic farming, 
and preserving its rich biodiversity, which is exceptional in Europe for a valley of this size. 
Wanting to take part in this effort, David invites you to share his 8 seater MPV at no extra cost! 
This way, he’s sure you will find the sites, you will get to know each other, and share more stories... 
This is how things are done around here! (David’s MPV is fully insured to carry passengers).
Prices of Standard tickets:
These tickets are for a day’s performance by David.

5 to 8  participants : 30 € per person

2 to 4  participants : 40 € par person

Prices vary according to the number of participants. After booking with us, we will keep you informed on how many you are to take part, and payment will be asked only on the day (except for those travelling as a group).

Discounts for the young ones:
Children and teens under 18 must travel with their
parents or a family member.

6 to 12 years :   - 20%

13 to 16 years :   - 15%

17 to 25 years :   - 10%

Not included in the price:

>  Meals
>  Admission to paying sites or activities
>  Accommodation
>  All other expenses not included in the detailed  description of the outing.

Andarta is not a travel agency!
Therefore, any other services than the storytelling performance by David the travelling Bard have to be paid directly on site. Prices for admissions, entrances and activities suggested on some outings are mentioned on their detailed description. 
However, for tailor made group requests, including at least one overnight, we will be happy to build a tour programme according to your wishes. In this case we will hand over the invoicing to one of our partners, who has the appropriate travel licence, and will include all the services in one packaged price (see below).
Standard Storytelling Visits
The outings for the standard Storytelling visits are based on a day or a half day, on set dates throughout the year. You can choose your dates by viewing the Calendar page, or by choosing a specific Topic. Everyone is welcome to join, but you need to book in advance. And you need to meet David at a precise starting point, which is mentioned in the detailed information sheet of that particular outing. The standard outings always come back to their starting point. They usually start and return at the main four train stations in the area: Valence TGV, Crest, Saillans or Die. In summer, they can start from one of the Tourist Offices or main camping sites in the valley.
The ticket price is based on the final number of participants (see prices above), up to 8 participants maximum. From the starting point David will drive you to the various sites and visits in his comfortable and spacious 8 passengers MPV, car-sharing his vehicle at no extra cost.
Made to Measure Outings
You are a group of friends, or a family, you are no more than 8 people in total, and you are looking for a fun and interesting activity to do in the Drôme? Look no further! Just select your preferred Topic, then the outing of your choice, pick a date, and contact us by phone or email. Be sure to contact us several weeks ahead so that David can be available. We will pick you up where ever you are, within an hour’s drive from Crest, Die, or Nyons. A special group rate will be granted, depending on the amount of people in the group.
From a couple of days to a couple of weeks 
On request, we can combine several outings, including all visits and activities, together with your preferred type of accommodation, in a comprehensive package deal. Once all the choices have been confirmed, and availability and prices checked, we will hand the request over to a local travel operator, who will implement the entire stay. This travel operator will invoice you directly. Your stay can also include a week of touring with David, followed by a week’s accommodation rental - or at a camping site in summer / skiing resort apartment in winter - to relax and better enjoy the beauty and the sites of the Drôme Valley / Diois / Baronnies / Vercors areas.

Our main partners: 

Andarta main partners
Website pictures 
The pictures which illustrate this Website come from various sources. Some have been taken by David Gourdant, others belong to members of Andarta or Association IGLIS, one of the many Tourist Offices in the region, or from Drôme Tourism. There are also some which have been sent to us, or downloaded from the Internet. Although we have requested from the authors the necessary approval to use these pictures, some authors are unknown to us. It is unfortunate, as there are some beautiful pictures.
If you recognise one of your pictures on this website and we haven’t asked for your consent, please contact us immediately. We will be very happy to mention your name, your work, and even include a link to your own website. Or, if you wish for your picture to be taken off of our website, we will do so right away.
On the other hand, if you are the author of some pictures related to our activities and region, and you would like to show them on our website, don’t hesitate to send them to us, together with your name, a contact number of email address, and a brief description of the picture.

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